Word that should be a word but isn’t… Trailure!


Noun.  One who has sunk into the deepest depths of trailer trash/failure.

I am such a trailure! I ate a whole box of Kraft mac and cheese right out of the pan and then fell asleep on the couch!


Word that should be a word but isn’t: Rewow!

interj.: Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure. AGAIN.

 n.: An outstanding success. AGAIN.

tr.v.:  rewowed, rewow·ing, rewows

To have a strong, usually pleasurable effect on: a performance that wowed the audience. AGAIN.

March fourth (forth)!

Has it really been a year since I started the garden and the blog? Really? Time flies when you’re pulling weeds, I guess! Well, the only thing that made it through the winter was the Swiss chard and the bell pepper plant that I tried to kill. Everything else died. But I did replant in October, and everything has survived thus far!

The light had nearly dissipated when I realized I needed to make a post, so I had to use the doggone flash! Forgive me. The  Brussels sprouts look FAR better than these photos allow! They’re almost ready for the saute pan!


Treevee: word that’s not a word but should be

It’s a TV that’s been taken into a treehouse. Courtesy of my friend, Tiff, who told me today about taking their TV into their treehouse as a kid via all the orange extension cords in the house. Living room to yard to treehouse. Sounds logical. This is after I randomly exclaimed around 3:00 p.m., “I want a treehouse!” because I had a rough day and just wanted to go home and climb up into a treehouse, curl up and lose myself. Notice I said lose myself, not loose myself, although both would probably work. I think 75% of the population spells “lose” “loose” though. Ugh.

The treehouse in my head didn’t have a treevee though. Just a very, very large candle, a bottle of Jack Daniels, my grandmother’s threadbare quilt and a copy of “No One Gets Out Of Here Alive.” I couldn’t for the life of me remember who wrote it, so I googled it and found a scarifyingly (wow, is THAT a word?) heart-wrenching review that I realize I, myself, could have written. Almost.


Thank you, Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins. And thank you Naomi Leadbeater for your intensely personal post. I am forever grateful that you could put my thoughts and experiences into words. Love the name too. Tell me you’re a welder or solderer or blacksmith or typesetter or  owner of a pre 1978’s home that you’re remodeling, or something fitting. And thank you Mr. Mojo Risin’ for living the bookworthy life you did, however tragic. I’m not even halfway through your story yet. I’m only at the Ed Sullivan show. And good for you for sticking to your guns. On the Road is next in line. Hee hee hee a hee hee hee.

Till (yes, yes, pun intended) this weekend….


Wake me up when September ends….

I cannot believe it’s September and I’ve neglected my blog. I haven’t neglected the garden though. I have so much to post concerning the summer’s bounty and progress and failure. Not much failure. Lots and lots of progress (and lots and lots of swiss chart, kale, zucchini and purslane). My first summer was amazing. Time to start Phase II this weekend so I’ll be busy on the garden, and the blog, again. I welcome your comments on gardening and curious words (and words that aren’t words).

For now, I just found this amazing post that I HAD to share. Enjoy.


new york times word that is not a word but should be is…

chowse. [chowz] n., v.

1. to absent-mindedly peruse the food in your proximity. “the meal took a nosedive when ellery (queen?) unwittingly chowsed her father-inlaw’s penne.” also: bitrayal (finding that food tastes less delicious than it looks).

i am noting some sort of bizarre hellen keller reference that i can’t put my finger on at the moment….